Michael Kneller

Michael Kneller

30 seconds

is all I could possibly ask from a stranger. Watch this dumb video of mine.

Hey, thanks for watching that.

I love making fun things with good people. I made that video with some extremely talented friends of mine while we were working at an ad agency together. Here's another one.

High tides raise all ships.

I absolutely love having a strong idea and seeing it through to the end, and the easiest way to do that in today’s world is often to take on multiple roles.

That said, one of my favorite things ever is to put people in the best position possible to show off what they do best. I co-produced a series of backyard shows called The Mulberry Project with three of my close friends. Check out the recap below.

The next right thing.

One of my best friends in the world once gave me some great advice. I was nervous about an ambitious project I had recently taken on, and he offered, “Just do the next right thing. Don’t worry about what it needs to become.”

I’m easily stressed with thoughts of the future, being a classic overthinker. But when I commit myself to just doing the next right thing, everything becomes a little clearer.

Thanks for coming this far. I’d love if you watched my short film, The Seer. It was funded by an agency I was at for many years, Manley Creative. It’s starring my friend Jacob Cano and the great John Ennis.

Work with me.

I love to take on new projects and work alongside great people.
Drop me a message and let's get something started.